Tian Mi Mi (Comrades, Almost A Love Story) – sweet as a love song of Teresa Teng

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Tian Mi Mi (Comrades, Almost A Love Story) – sweet as a love song of Teresa Teng

In May 8, 1995, Teresa Teng – The most familiar Asian singer died in Chiang Mai, Thailand due to asthma. On July 1, 1997, Hong Kong – after 156 years of British rule, was officially returned to China. Comrades, Almost A Love Story of Director Peter Chan was born in 1996 not only about the sweet love, imbued with the fate of the two main characters, but also shows The director’s regret for a lost Hong Kong, and his love for Teresa Teng with a “seven sweet part and three paintful parts” voice.

Comrades, Almost A Love Story is a love movie about a lifelong love. The film focuses on fate’s twist to make up a passionate love story. The element of predestination binds two people together, they have each other, are separated from each other and find each other again through the realizations in life, which is sometimes said to be the natural and the mutual.

It is not easy to convince me to believe in the word “predestined”, because I believe that fate is only in a tiny probability. And I’ve never liked the idea of ​​emphasizing fate. But Comrades, Almost A Love Story makes me believe in that tiny fate, even though I am not really interested in this kind of French romantic fate.

It can be compared to a love journey of two mainland boys and girls emigrating to Hong Kong. The movie story is about love and their life, full of troubles, chosen by themselves, not separated by hundreds of rivers and mountains. I’ve always liked the idea of ​​people making their own lives, no matter what they make.

Love is always fun at the beginning, so it easily makes viewers flutter. I like how the countrymen blend into the bustling Hong Kong life with a very country-minded honesty-stubbornness. I also like the way these two people blend into each other’s lives, where only one person understands one person, so that they truly understand each other and work out the future together. Love that is developed on this mutual friendship brings with it a very distinct happiness that each experience will feel the sweetness – when someone is there to walk into the future together. The way of designing the situation, analyzing psychology combined with the role-playing acting of Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai quite skillfully portrayed that country mentality very successfully.

However, loving each other is not necessarily married, because people are poor and have many concerns about the future, so they do not want to combine. The daughter passed away after the long-term plan for the future failed, and the shorter way to change her life was much easier. At the same time, they thought – they were not born for each other, so their love was disproportionate with love. They separated on the way of life, the girl went home with her lover, the big brother, the young man married her lover from the countryside. Life continues when they are not together, because they understand each other’s choices, and also because they do not love each other enough to overcome psychological barriers, they lose each other …

But this is the French influenced art so the romantic story will be a long way because old love will come, so of course when they meet again, they will be difficult to control the lingering emotions. Love returns in a beautiful kiss scene and full of romance to mark the milestone … stealthy. The happy past woke up in their hearts that made them understand they loved — enough to think about a future together. Love has conquered the old plan, so they calculate the solutions to get together. The boy goes home to settle his spouse, while the girl also goes to find a lover to settle the love debt. But the situation did not allow people to be as expected, at that time, although she had run out of love with her lover, but the “meaning” was still full so the girl could not say goodbye, she decided to leave with her lover. wanted, and left the young man waiting for a figure on the marina on a rainy night. They lost each other again, and it was because they chose to let go of each other.

I do not like the element of chance one after another, and at the right time like that, but I have to praise the movie because after the element of chance are very decisive, neat details. What has come must come, so even if the goal is not achieved, everything melts must be dissolved, so that everything starts again from such mistakes and mistakes. And people continue on the road of life without having each other, accepting a real life of their own choice. In America, a girl is still full of hiding and hiding with her lover, and a young man is still riding his bicycle to eat food everywhere. They live their own lives — when most naturally absent from each other, the way they could not prevent nature with accidental events. The scenes of the two people walking across each other’s lives are arranged in a row that deeply imprint the fate element – when predestined people will also meet each other, by chance. The lover of the girl dies of a brawl, a death that comes to free the girl with the debt of gratitude, well at the right time, but is arranged for reasons that are difficult to discourage.

They found each other or not, and found out how and why a movie called Comrades, Almost A Love Story is what awaits the audience behind. Comrades, Almost A Love Story is a story stretching between love and fate, between sweet and bitter, in addition, the film will surprise you with the way of exposure of the love word of director Peter Chan – the film king. Hong Kong’s romance in the 90’s. A rich aesthetic film style combined with realistic-romantic content and well-suited acting by Maggie Cheung and Leon Lai brought audiences a love story in a gentle and descriptive manner. A love story with lots of indebtedness, so long and hard for people to find their own life, and a charming life, as well as the beautiful charm that made the film set 9 awards in the same period. of the Hong Kong Film Festival, but so far no films can be broken.

Comrades, Almost A Love Story is sweet like the love song of Teresa Teng, as romantic as French love stories, and as beautiful as the oriental muse Maggie Cheung.

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