Happiness comes from the care of people you don’t know

29/06/2021 | The Mood 1,237 view

Anyone who is like me, often absent-minded, has heard this sentence when driving into the street  “Please paying attention your tripod” 

To me, this is the statement that shows the most concern for each other of the majority of Vietnamese. Is that right? In a life full of hustle and busyness and no one can think of anything but myself, sometimes receiving such reminders from a stranger suddenly makes me feel warmer and more prosperous. belief in life. ⠀

Happiness can come from small things like that. So every new day, I always step out in a comfortable mood not only for me but also for those around me. I practice saying thank you when someone looks after the car for me, sells me a glass of water, even though it’s their job and they get paid to do so. I also learn how to apologize even when I’m not at fault, because I think that will help minimize unnecessary friction. This life has already had many difficulties and pressures, why don’t we slow down a bit to sympathize and love each other more? I believe that as long as each of us has a little such thought, life will surely become a lot easier

So, even if I have to go through a bad day, meet someone bad and make me want to go crazy right there, at the end of the day I won’t be sad and lose faith in the good days more are coming. Everything happens depends on how I see everyone, so don’t let the negativity overwhelm us. Make yourself a gratitude list and write down at least one thing that makes us happy and happy every day, so that we are always satisfied with what we have.

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