Law of Attraction

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Today I am very fortunate to be invited by a Japanese couple to the house for dinner. For Japanese people, if they invite someone over to their house, it means they have considered those people really close. And although we were a bit confused in communication, the meal was still extremely cozy and happy.

Recently I read a few articles about Law of Attraction, which is basically one of the laws that are believed to affect the way this universe works. More specifically, it deals with how the thoughts, beliefs and attention we have in mind affect what is and will happen to us. For example, if we are just constantly lingering about regret for the past or fear for the future, then we will tend to experience negative things. And conversely, if we always keep the spirit of loving life optimistic, always treat everyone around us well, we will receive the same things soon. In general this law would like to emphasize that we are fully capable of making our future life happen the way we want to..

I feel the content of “Law of Attraction” is wonderful, especially when I remember my time living in Japan. There are those who do not know if they have too much expectation on Japanese civilization, but when coming here, encountering impolite Japanese people, meeting the opposing laws for foreigners, suddenly feel disappointed. as shown to lose all faith and for eternity no one would treat her properly. As for some of my friends, who always look at life with optimistic and loving eyes, in exchange for meeting so many nice and kind Japanese, being helped, understood and experienced. Really wonderful things in Japan. Faith makes thoughts, thoughts make habits, habits make actions, and actions make reality. When we understand that, we will learn to think and live optimistically in exchange for similar things, and at the same time get closer to our own dreams and goals everyone.

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