The fact of Jealousy…

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The fact of Jealousy…

Jealousy is probably one of the most common negative emotions in people. Everyone understands that jealousy is not good, but it’s not really bad. If we know how to control it, we can completely convert jealousy into a positive energy source, helping us to have more motivation to strive in life. So how to be jealous right?
1. Understand jealousy
When you feel jealous of someone, find out what that means and where it came from. This requires bravely digging deep into negative emotions to discover what is lacking and needs to be improved, such as poor results, inappropriate work. fit or unsatisfied body. The jealousy will lead us to the error, but that’s more. However, sometimes feelings of jealousy cause confusion. We can easily grow envious of a friend’s career, but we won’t be satisfied with doing something like that. It’s simply because we want to have the same feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and joy as them.
2. Make more effort
One of the ways to convert jealousy into motivation is our belief in what people can do, and we can do it too. Start working harder, striving harder to achieve the goals you want while separating yourself from negative emotions of jealousy and envy. Do not be impatient or discouraged because “thousands of difficult beginnings”, everyone must have a first step to succeed.
3. Turn jealousy into a friend
Instead of blind jealousy, why not try jealousy more strategically? By observing the very main objects of jealousy and learning from them. In the world, there are indeed many people possessing innate talents, so everything is good at everything, but in fact, almost all success comes from our best efforts, not only us but also others. Learn how to turn your envy into admiration, see the work of others as inspiration to strive. This not only helps us get rid of negative emotions but also makes it easier for us to achieve our goals.
4. Believe in your own strength
This is the most important part. If we don’t have faith in ourselves, we won’t be able to overcome our jealousy, let alone achieve our dreams or goals in life. Everyone has their own way to succeed, not necessarily on the same path. As long as we always do our best, find our strengths and then apply it effectively and never give up.
Jealousy is a very natural and understandable feeling when witnessing someone has things you don’t have. It wouldn’t be good if we kept comparing ourselves and getting jealous with others, so first practice being content and cherishing our own life first. Thus, when we have to go through the feeling of jealousy, we can easily transform it into positive energy to try to improve ourselves. Hopefully, we will always understand our own values ​​and constantly strive to achieve our goals.

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